About Us

The Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was established on 02nd October 2015 and is recognized as an International Student Chapter of AIChE. As the first AIChE Student Chapter in Indonesia, AIChE ITB SC hopes that we will empower our members and enables them to have the best foundation to fulfill a career in the chemical engineering industry by equipping them with professional skills and connecting them to corporate partners of our exclusive network. For the sake of AIChE ITB SC as an organization, there are 7 divisions that are responsible for developing and maintaining the big name of AIChE ITB SC. The seven divisions are Members’ Development, Competition Reinforcement, Members’ Management, Public Relations, Treasurer, Secretary, Media & Branding.

Our Vision

To make AIChE ITB SC a solid and well-known organization that collaborates globally in developing chemical engineering students or other relevant disciplinary students to build the nation's industry together.

Our Tagline

Our Missions

To expand good relations and collaboration with AIChE SC International.
Develop members' professional skills through various workshops and training.
Increase the exposure of members' benefit.
Enhance collaboration with ITB Student Chapters.
Improve coordination between functions of AIChE ITB SC that built in harmonious relationships.

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